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"I love this place! I have never been disappointing with anything I have ordered. Service was excellent and fast and the place was very clean. I will always bring my family and friends here for dinner outings. Curry dishes, appetizers and soup are all delicious"

- Alley Everett -


“Fantastic service - Great place to hold an event!”

- The International Social Society -


"They opened their first one at the motel where I worked and the smells of pure delisciousness coming from there everyday drove me insane!!"

- Sandra Moore -


"Great service for group events and delicious catering”

- Invisioning Futures Media Group -


Taste just like a restaurant in Traditional Thailand."

- Vince Pothier -


"If you haven't tried this restaurant yet, you really need to. The food was delicious and the staff was fantastic!"

- Sherry Veinotte -

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